Mhaya Kardashian

Elegant and Modest 7.5 inch to play with!

Hi Guys... you have made it here and made it Right..;)... End your dillema by getting in touch with the finest Trans Girl (Princess travele). Along with a guaranteed fun and loving companionship time you are assured with descretion and hygiene in your package.

An introduction about me:

A Fully functional 7.5 inch fresh juicy and one of the sexiest ts in Kuala lumpur..i can be your top and bottom.. so this means we can go right? or. left?..haha

Interestingly I can provide you with a female counterpart escort in a session.... And yes its happening in Malaysia with a fee (Temporarily unavailable). Im not saying you cant bring a partner..  still within the context of left and right..haha

So if you are on holiday and fun is on the itenary or menu. Drop me a line we can discuss on aditional time...

While the damage is mild but ur sure to go back with a smile.